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We season our food, time to seasn our drinks!

Hello. I’m Ben. I’m the Founder.

seasn is the salt & pepper of drinks. A little goes a long way & everything tastes better because they’re there.

I spent six years experimenting with herbs & spices to create two intense & delicious liquids to make your drinks even tastier.

Just add three dashes to your favourite drinks [boozy ones, non-alcoholic ones or transform your sparkling water!]

There’s a super bright one seasn LIGHT for your lighter drinks like soda or G&Ts or that mean margarita you learnt how to make in lockdown.

And there’s a rich spicy one seasn DARK for your darker drinks like ginger ale or whisky soda or even your old fashioned.

I think drinks should be fun, yummy, simple & of course seasn’d!

seasn your drinks


[Three facts to impress your friends]

/ Bitters were originally health remedies developed by the Ancient Egyptians 5000 years ago.

// The first recipe for a Cocktail was published in 1806 “spirits of any kind, sugar, water & bitters”

/// Cocktail Bitters are named in the recipes for some of the world’s most popular cocktails [the martini, old fashioned, Manhattan]

The seasn PAIR

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